Children’s Online Gaming Time to Be Curbed

With the worrying rate of online gaming addiction, Chinese technology giant Tencent is introducing a new measure to tighten the checks on the ages of people playing online games. This began with the recent introduction of registration on the Honor of Kings game, and it hopes to include the registration in all its upcoming games in 2019. The organisation says that this data will be used to check identity and age, based on police records. This idea comes in the wake of calls for more regulations governing the online gaming industries, with the aim of protecting players and, more so, minors.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has become one of the hottest game Releases this year among players, with it having sold about 17 million copies in the first two weeks. Many of you might be asking how long the game is, and what it takes to complete it in full. This game offers a massive map, that you will encounter for months, or even years, making it an exciting game. With the introduction of the online multiplayer mode, it also becomes more fascinating. The game has eight chapters, with each one having a minimum of six, and a maximum of 19, solo missions, and each task can last from minutes to hours, depending on the players experience level.

Gamer Who Spent Seven Years Isolated in His House

A gamer by the name of Billy Brown, aged 24, is said to have spent seven years of his life isolated in his house in a dressing gown. He has admitted to the thoughts of suicide during his “online existent” years, and says he left his house less than ten times during this period.

Billy says he lost touch with reality during this time, and that’s when he realized he needed psychological help. He now spends his time helping Gamers break from this lifestyle that can ruin one’s life. He advises that one should take responsibility for their online gaming activities, as sometimes there are adverse side effects to excessive gaming.