Horse racing is one of many ancient sports, that has not changed much regarding its rules and game play, and bases its premise on which animal is faster than the other. The emphasis is given on the first three horses when placing racing bets. Many countries have come up with their own game rules, with variations in distance, race surface and horse breeds, depending on the nation’s racing traditions. When betting on horse races, it is essential to do some research on the rules and regulations, governing that particular event.

It is undoubtedly evident that only a small percentage of the people who attend horse racing events, go there for the love of the sport. Most of the attendants go there to wager Unibet Horse Racing Odds on the competition, and it is betting that drives the sport. Many have argued that this is because the game is more accessible to bet on, and it is the exciting nature of the sport, that makes them love gambling on horse races.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

The most favorable horse Betting Strategy for beginners is the straight bet, where you place your wager on one horse, and your win is based on its position at the end of the race. Here are some examples of straight bets.

  • Win: This is a simple bet where you predict that a particular horse will finish in the first place.
  • Place: When you bet on a particular horse to “place,” means that if it finishes in first or second, you get to collect your winnings. However, this bet pays less than a winning wager, but you have the guarantee for a payout if the horse finishes in the first two positions.
  • Show: This bet allows you to bet on a horse to either finish in the first, second or third positions. This wager has a more significant chance of winning since you are hedging on the first three places, but the payout is much smaller than that of a win or place bet.
  • Across the board: This bet combines the win, place and show bets as one, and is commonly referred to as a straight win combo. However, this bet is more expensive compared to the other three, because its a combo bet made up of three single stakes. For example, if the cost of a win bet is $1, then an across the board bet will cost $3. If your horse finishes first, then you win the money for the win, place and show bets. If it comes in second place, you win the place and show bets.

Top Tips for Beginners

Start with Small Stakes

Don’t be convinced that as a beginner you will make much in horse racing bets. Ensure you keep your losses at an acceptable level. Increase your stake amount, as you continue understanding the sport.

Don’t Bet on Every Race

There are many horse racing bets available every day, and in different countries. You don’t want to bet on all these races though, because its more certain you will not make good money from placing dozens of bets.